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Why Learn Measom English is the best


All our classes are conducted on Zoom – the most amazing interactive platform designed for learning and teaching languages.


At Learn Measom English we employ experienced teachers! We hire native speakers so that we can can deliver great results.


We use interactive material which incorporates videos, games, quizzes with the most current topics. We use a mix of traditional courseware and current topics to lift the lesson out of the pages and into our virtual classroom. If the topics are current and fun you will learn more.


Our classes can be in small groups of 3-4 or larger group above 4 people if you want. Our students agree it’s the best way to learn a foreign language!


At Learn Measom English we teach children from the age of 4! For children learning a second language is super easy no matter what the age. We work to make our classroom fun and interactive.


We have classes for all levels and we cater to our students learning style and pace. We focus on lots of speaking practice as well as grammar. Are classes are never dull.


We will help you prepare for IELTS, TOEFL,and any other exam. Everybody passes with us – adults, teenagers and also kids!


We multiple different business English courses. We will teach you how to speak English confidently and participate in meetings, write emails, or business documentation like a native speaker. .

What our Students say about us

Our Teachers

Jeanne Measom - founder

A dedicated teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience with children, teenagers and adults. Author of various teaching materials and courses. As a mother of 6 children who all speak 3 languages she understands the importance of language learning. Also with a BA in Communications, MA in Communications and a Celta degree her education helps build great lessons.


Zuzanna Cieślukowska – founder of Zuza’s Languages, teacher of English and Spanish, translator and mentor. A dedicated teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience with children, teenagers and adults. Author of various teaching materials and courses. Bilingual in English and Polish. She speaks four languages and is currently learning Mandarin. She loves cooking, travelling and animals. She currently lives in Canada.


Amanda Lay is a teacher from England. She completed her CELTA in October 2018 and she has experience teaching to all age groups. She is always ready to adapt her approach to the needs of each student. She does favour the Communicative (CLT) Teaching Style as it helps students to prepare to use language in real life situations. When she is not teaching, she loves to travel. She also enjoys cooking and going for long walks in the countryside.


Michael McKoy is from England. He obtained UK Qualified Teacher Status after having lived, studied and worked in five countries, and he has been teaching for more than thirty years. His experience includes exam preparation and teaching English for academic purposes in the UK, Business English language training in Germany, and teaching general English in Spain. In his free time, he practises tai chi, enjoys cinema and plays the guitar.”


Kim Smith is an online ESL teacher from South Africa. She is studying towards her degree in teaching. Her students are of all ages. By personalizing her teaching style, she creates an interactive, colorful, fun and goofy environment to build confidence within the students. She enjoys teaching all age groups and her goal is to ensure students speak, read and understand the language with confidence.

Private Classes 100% Online

Interactive materials prepared with your needs in mind

Our teachers are experienced and are carefully selected

We will help you achieve your goal in no time

Classes revolve around your schedule

How does it Work


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Our teachers are experienced and are carefully selected

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During the trial class your level is assessed and you receive a detailed learning plan.


You are assigned a teacher and we schedule the first class.


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30 minute classes
Lessons for teenagers and adults, who have time for regular but shorter meetings. Also recommended for kids up to 11 years old.
60 minute classes
Lessons for teenagers and adults We recommend a minimum of 2 lessons per week.
90 minute classes
Lessons for teenagers and adults. Intensive course. We recommend a minimum of 1 class per week.

Popular Courses

Intensive speaking course

This course focuses on communication using useful expressions and structures for every situation. Start speaking in just a few weeks!

General English course

We will teach you grammar fundamentals, the essential vocabulary, we will explain the tenses and pronunciation. This course is recommended for those who are not sure where to start.

Courses for kids

We teach kids from the age of six. Always interactive materials, full of songs, games, drawing, and everything that your child loves. Guaranteed results in just a few weeks.

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